Physical Education (September – November 2017)

To support the concept of Change. Students are going to learn about understanding and appreciation of gymnastics to:

  • Develop the ability to lift and carry using apparatus correctly and safely.
  • Develop awareness of others when using apparatus.

Visual Art (August – September 2017)

To support the central idea about human migration, students learn to create a stop-motion artwork (integrated with ICT) about challenges, risks and opportunities caused by human migration. The students are going to learn to work in a team, create a proper story board with pencil and create a (minimum 2 min) clay-motion artwork.

Physical Education (August-September 2017)

To support the concept of Causation. Students are going to learn about how they respond the challenges, risk and Opportunities through the games to:

  • Develop coordination, manipulation, balance and spatial awareness
  • Develop understanding of basic gameplay tactics such as formations.
  • Develop mental determination to succeed and improve performance

Welcome to Gr.5, Welcome to SVP, Welcome to Success.




Welcome to the new school year in Sekolah Victory Plus. We are delighted to have your child in our classrooms this year and look forward to share the school year together.

This school year is truly going to be something special.  We can promise you that SVP is going to be a place filled with laughter, passion, and learning.  We want each and every person that comes onto this school to know they are valued and that they hold tremendous worth.   We believe in growth and potential  in bringing everyone together to accomplish success.

As teachers, we would like to create an educational partnership with you and your child that will foster the love of learning. In addition to this, our commitment as educators is to provide your child with a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure their academic success. We are excited to work with you and to greet you with a smile and open arms each and every day. SVP will be a place where you are welcome any time.

We believe that together we are going to have a great year.


Gr.5 Teachers


Unit of Inquiry (August – September 2017)

Transdisciplinary Theme : Where We Are in Place and Time

An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Central idea: Human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.

Concepts: Form, Causation, Connection

Related concepts: geographical features, opportunity, diversity, settlement, population

Lines of Inquiry:

  • What it means to migrate
  • Provocations for migration
  • The consequences of migration on nations and communities

Learning Outcomes :

  • Explains what it means to migrate
  • Identifies provocations for migration
  • Analyzes the consequences of migration on nations and communities

What (knowledge): to know what migration is and the types of migration

Why (conceptual understanding):

in order to understand that human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.

How (situation):

You are in an immigration office. You are going to observe a migration case.

You can use any media of presentation to present the result of your observation.



  1.   Choose one of immigrants (relatives or famous people) such as Albert Einstein, Anggun,  Elizabeth Arden, Victoria Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, B.J. Habibie, Christian  Gonzales, Ima Matul.
  2.  Analyze the causes of their migration (challenges, risks, opportunities)
  3.   Explain the impact of their migration ( to themselves, to the city)


  •    The media chosen are supportive and easy understand
  •    Oral presentation is easy to follow and understand

Assessment Tools: checklist

Assessment Strategy: Process-focused assessments

Learning Outcomes:

  •       Explains what it means to migrate
  •       Identifies the provocations for migration
  •       Analyzes the consequences of migration on nations and communities

The focused learner profile within the Unit of Inquiry

Communicators, Risk-takers and Open-minded

Risk-takers: Learning about human migration will provide opportunities for the students to be able to analyze the impact of migration on nations and communities around the world. We hope that the students will be courageous to try new things and able to adapt to new challenges they face in any new places they will be in the future.

Open-minded: Human migration involves a lot of people and connected to various risks,challenges and opportunities.If they get chances to experience doing migration to new places, we hope the students will be open-minded and respectful to any kinds of differences between people around them.

Communicators: This unit of inquiry provides the students opportunities to explore and show their skills and understanding through various media.

Things parents can do to support their children to live the focused learner profile above at home:

  • Provide time with your children at home to share what they have learned at school.Communicators
  • Be  a good role model for your children by being respectful to the original local culture, belief and values in any places you visit. Remember that parents are also good teachers for their children. They usually will build good habits in doing great things if parents show good examples of life situations consistently. Open-minded
  • Appreciate your children’s point of view during any discussion with them and teach your children to do so to other people.Open-minded
  • Give opportunities/support for your children to explore new things around them. Risk-takers
  • Give chances to your children to do their tasks independently and be responsible for the results. Risk-takers
  • Remind your children to have eye contact when they talk to you or other people. Communicators
  • Speak in any languages properly with your children. Communicators
  • Teach and remind your children to greet people they meet or on the phone politely. Communicators

Bahasa Indonesia (August – September 2017)

Untuk mendukung konsep BENTUK dan SEBAB – AKIBAT, para siswa akan mempelajari hal-hal di bawah ini:

  • Mengungkapkan pikiran, pendapat, perasaan dan fakta secara lisan dengan menceritakan hasil pengamatan atau wawancara
  • Mewawancarai  narasumber dengan menggunakan kata tanya yang tepat
  • Membedakan fakta dan opini dan menyimpulkan informasi yang dianggap valid
  • Membandingkan isi dua teks yang dibaca dengan membaca sekilas
  • Memahami kalimat aktif dan pasif dalam penulisan laporan pengamatan

Mathematics (August – September 2017)

To support the concepts of FORM and CAUSATION, the students are going to learn the following things:

Whole Number (Large Number)

  1. Read and write  large numbers
  2. Compare and order numbers or quantities
  3. Round off number appropriately
  4. Solve problems which involve the four operations using models/ diagram

Whole Number (negative number)

  1. The concept of negative numbers
  2. Drawing number line in 2 directions
  3. Compare and order numbers
  4. Addition and subtraction which  includes negative number
  5. Multiplication and division which includes negative number.


The Four operation (order of operation)

  1. Select and use an appropriate sequence of operations in mathematical statement involving the four operations